Arabica Mandhailing Origin North Sumatera Indonesia

Sumatra Mandheling Coffee is one of the four common types of Arabica coffee. While most of the coffee is named after the growing region, or country, Mandheling coffee is named after the Mandailing people who traditionally plant and process coffee beans in the Tapanuli region. Mandheling coffee grows at altitudes up to 5,000 feet and as low as 2,500 feet above sea level near Padang in the center-west of Indonesia. Later, the news spread to Japan, and then his name was trapped when traders began asking about purchasing Mandheling coffee from Sumatra. The unique method used in its production produces a taste that is very attached to a distinctive aroma, decorated with herbal nuances and spicy flavor results. this unique process from Sumatra produces a distinctive taste profile for trademarks (low acidity and riches that remain behind the palate)

Specs :
Grade 1
Process : Semiwashed
Moisture :Max 12.5%
Defect Max 11
Single origin from:
Mandhailing North Sumatera
Delivery Time: 2 week until 1 Month depend on Quantity
Loading Capacity : 1 x 20 ‘ fcl : 20 tons
packing : New Gunny Bag each 60 kg(s)
Port of Loading: Belawan Medan Port
Payment term :
Cash in Adviace or LC at Sight depend on quantity order.
Despacth of through Sea : FCL or LCL

Export Documents are Invoice,Packing List, Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin , International Coffee Organization Certificate, Fumigation Certificate, Phytosanitary Certificate.