Main Market

International Market:
Briquette : Middle East  : Jordan
Coffee Bean:
Russian Federation – Moscow,Hong Kong,Germany,Hong Kong,Slovakia,Australia,Malaysia,Korea,Taiwan – R.O.C
Capacity for Industrial Supplies
Raw coffee beans: 2 tonnes per week
Coffee Powder: 2 ton per day
Local Marketing Distribution
Sales through the Reseller:
CV.Adipati Jaya Abadi producing roasted and ground coffee at the request of the Reseller to sell to its customers

Direct sales
CV.Adipati Jaya Abadi produce and direct Marketing roasted and ground coffee to a customer Cafes Cafes and Coffee lover, either using online and offline media.

Distribution International Marketing
Commodities coffee included in the product / commodity exports are restricted by regulations Ministry no. 13/2013. Coffee exporters are required to have an export license as an exporter of Coffee While (EKS) / exporters Coffee Limited (SSE) or Received Recognition as a coffee exporter.

At the beginning of 2015, CV.Adipati Jaya Abadi has obtained the license exports of coffee, from the Ministry of Commerce no. 2 / Daglu / EX / 1/2015 dated January 6, 2015.